Life moves on!!

Hello Folks!  Been a long time since I was last on this site!

Bet you thought I had forgotten about it, and you all!  Well, I kinda did…  I knew it was here, but had put it sooooooo  far back on the back burner, that it pretty much went dormant.  A lot has happened since 2014 though, so here are my most current links to find out more about me:

If you are looking for a way to stay verbally in contact with your loved ones, company members, etc, anywhere in the world, go check out the first one!! 😉


Me and Life…

ExposeYourBlog! ( is still up and running and still growing, slowly but surely!  We could always use new bloggers though!  Come join us and read some great blogs and get your blog seen and commented on as well!

I am making moves to return to religious life in the Catholic Church again.   I am working with the Bishop in my Dioceses to get permission to open a new Religious Order because of my age and inability to join other Orders because of said age.  (Never did understand why any age above the age of consent (18 in the Catholic Church) would be a factor other than for insurance and health reasons..)  Pray for me!

Still not sure how best to use this space…

Well, we are now into our 6th month and have over 300 users in the system, and over 230 blogs to view.  We added a “Surf and Chat” option this past Sunday that is working well and not causing any lag like the “stock” version was.  And the surfers are using it, helping to build the community.

So, if you have a blog, come check us out!  ExposeYourBlog!


Mind changes…

Well, things in my mind change often, do they for you?  I’m back to not knowing what I want to do with this blog.  I think I should keep it, since it has my name (dbell) reserved, but I’m not sure what I should be saying here…  I have a religious blog, two business blogs, and a personal blog, what else is there to write about I wonder?

Instead of writing the book that is in the back of my mind, should I post that text here?  A thought…  Time to ponder…


I sometimes wonder why I started blogging, and why I am still at it.  I have five blogs though, counting this one, so there must be something to it for me.

I do have a pet peeve about the blogs I do read though.  Many of the newer bloggers are going to a format where they only put an excerpt on the “front page” requiring the reader to click a link to read “the whole story”.  This is VERY irritating.  This is OK if you are doing that for RSS readers such as Bloglines, etc., to get them to actually come to your blog, but once I’m on your blog, I want to read the story you posted in one viewing, not have to click to continue.

Another thing that is getting to me is the concept that appears to be growing where you have three columns, the first two are columns of little squares of entries, again, just snippets with the click here to continue, and the third column full of advertising and junk.  VERY cluttered looking and VERY hard to read!  I leave those sites quickly.  (And they seem to be growing in leaps and bounds!)

I guess I am just old school…