Well, I still haven’t found a use for this site yet, but I will keep it.

I have been busy though.  I have created a blog surfing site called ExposeYourBlog! which you can get to by going to http://exposeyourblog.com.  This is a blog exchange in which we only accept blogs for rotation.  It is only a couple of months old, but it is growing daily by at least one new user and blog, so if that rate keeps up, we should be doing well soon. 🙂  It has games for points, banners, text ads, and bonus pages.  Timers are from 25 to 30 depending on if you are a free account or a paid account.  Come check us out!

I have also opened up my school (Circular Wind Ryu) blog, Circular Wind Ryu – Concepts, both using WordPress, self hosted.  (The best software out there for blogs as far as I am concerned.

I still have on blog on blogger though, Watkins Ramblings, which deals with Watkins products and the business opportunities behind it.  (GREAT products, and even better home based business!)

I have one other WordPress blog, Daily Readings, that is a religious based blog with daily readings (or as daily as I can make it!) from the Bible, with commentary.

Hope you see you at each of these sites!